1.A These general terms of conditions are applicable to every use of the website www.joostjanszen.nl and to every offer and quotes from JOOSTJANSZEN and to all agreements between you and JOOSTJANSZEN.
1.B All graphic designs, pictures and styling tricks are made by JOOSTJANSZEN. JOOSTJANSZEN has the copyright of these pictures and images and therefore it is not allowed to post, publish or to use these photos for commercial purposes and benefits. If you wish to use any of these photos please contact info@joostjanszen.nl

2.A The agreement will be realised when JOOSTJANSZEN has received your order and the payment of the exact order.
2.B Changing of the agreement is only possible when this is clearly accepted by JOOSTJANSZEN.

3.A The prices on the website are inclusive tax and exclusive shipping costs. The shipping costs will depend on the order size and weight. The shipping costs are not refunded by the return of products.
3.B The products will be shipped by JOOSTJANSZEN within 5 business days, after JOOSTJANSZEN has received the actual payment.
3.C Incorrect personal details can lead to a delay in the shipping process, JOOSTJANSZEN is not responsible for any delay in response to these incorrect personal details.

JOOSTJANSZEN is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss of the products during shipping. The risk will be passed to you at the time of sending the products.

5.A You have the possibility to return your purchase in consultation with JOOSTJANSZEN and with a valid reason within 14 workdays. This cooling-off period shall begin at the day of receipt of the product. During this cooling-off period you will not use or damage the product. The product will only be refunded if it is returned to JOOSTJANSZEN in the original state, unused and without any damage. If the product is damaged, used or not in the original state returned, JOOSTJANSZEN cannot give a refund for this product.
5.B The shipping costs of the returning products will come for your account.
You will get your refund within 14 workdays after JOOSTJANSZEN has received the returned product in the original, unused and undamaged state.

6.A The selection of products on the site will change continuously. The availability of a product at any one time does not guarantee its future availability at all.
6.B Please take a good look at the photographs and the describing text before you buy an item. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular item, feel free to contact JOOSTJANSZEN before you make your purchase.

7.A You have to make sure that all your personal details and data, like email address, address details and your account number, are complete, right and are still valid. By purchasing an item you declare that you accept the terms and conditions. You also declare with accepting the terms conditions that you have the right to make use of the website.
7.B JOOSTJANSZEN guarantees that all your personal details will be handled with the best care possible. JOOSTJANSZEN ensures that your details will not be traded or sold. That is a promise!
7.C JOOSTJANSZEN will process your details and include in the files to fulfill the agreement for your order. JOOSTJANSZEN can also use your email address to keep you updated with news from JOOSTJANSZEN, unless you don’t give permission for doing so.

JOOSTJANSZEN remains the owner of the products send, until JOOSTJANSZEN receives the payment.

9.A You complete the payment by transfering the money to the account number of JOOSTJANSZEN.
9.B JOOSTJANSZEN will put the order in process at the moment JOOSTJANSZEN receives the payment.
9.C Payments can be made with Ideal or PayPal.

10. Collection costs
If you are not able to fulfill the payment, JOOSTJANSZEN is able to claim to you all the costs JOOSTJANSZEN made because you were not able to meet the payment for your order at JOOSTJANSZEN.

11.A These intellectual property rights relate to the website, the text, the pictures, design, data and other image material, formats, software and brands. This is all property of JOOSTJANSZEN.
11.B You are not allowed to make the website or a part of the website available for third parties or to multiply it.
11.C You are allowed to place a hyperlink to the website if this will be used for informative ends only.
11.D You are not allowed to make a change in the received product, unless other is arranged.

12.A JOOSTJANSZEN is not responsible for any damage (indirect/direct) resulting from the impossibility to use of the website, or that information on the website is not correct or updated.
12.B The website can contain references to other websites. JOOSTJANSZEN is not responsible for the content of these websites. JOOSTJANSZEN has no control over these websites.

13.A Deviations from these terms and conditions can strictly be written agreed. From these deviations can no rights be taken.
13.B The administration of JOOSTJANSZEN is evidence for your orders or/and requests. You recognize that electronic communication can serve as evidence as well.
13.C JOOSTJANSZEN is entitled to present to you these rights and obligations derived from the terms and conditions by a single notification.
13.D If a provision from the terms and conditions is declared void, the other terms and conditions shall continue in full force.


TAX/BTW: NL1502.xx.xxx.B01 – Please find the complete number on your invoice.